soin au naturel

organic Cosmetics


The organic cosmetics in past few years of the special status of a general situation. These components contain antioxidants at much higher rates than the other, they are rich in natural ingredients up to 70% of the mixture thus less harmful and toxic elements that could harm our health.


Product Quality

For everyday use, users are looking for natural and organic products, to this effect, companies have started to improve their preparation for consumer confidence and earn their rewards, but the annoyance is that any preparation containing a single component is certified organic and can be classified as "organic", despite the presence of very strict laws about it.
Consequently, it is very necessary to let you know that if you want to shop, you should carefully read labels to make sure the level of the quality of your product.


cosmétique biologique

Differences between a cosmetic product

Formerly a beauty product "natural" does not inspire confidence to our ancestors, who suspected him of being ineffective against by today, the evolution has been completely reversed, since the organic cosmetics is contrary to the perceived as a quality product, and also effective as a traditional beauty product. But what are the differences between a biological cosmetic and other beauty products?
A biological cosmetic is primarily a product free of toxic substances such as paraben or aluminum salts, is composed essentially of organic and natural products.

According to its constitution, an organic cosmetics will get different labels. In France, an organic cosmetics is eligible to be labeled two ways. It is every time the label Cosmebio, which comes in two versions, in both situations, 95% of ingredients are natural, that is to say, vegetable or mineral origin, but these 95% only 50% will be organic when the organic cosmetics label shall state "Eco", and 95% when it is the "organic" label is announced.